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Interested in our northtowns soccer club travel program? We have multiple teams, girls and boys, in several age groups. Our teams, coach and contact information is below:
U9 Boys United
Coach Norm McRobb and John Gebauer

U9 Lady Strikers
Coach Jeff Suiter and Brian Dena

U10 Boys Revolution
Coach Jim Blankenship, Brian Dawley, Jeff Sass

U11 Girls Bullets
Coach Mike Goodman and Sonya Krentz

U11 Girls Storm
Coach Brian Miranto

U12 Boys Destroyers
Coach John Barone , Robert Sharples, George Wheeler Jr,

U14 Boys Dynamo
Coach Mike Ciraolo and AJ Gelose

U17 Lady Inferno
Coach Jim Blankenship and Patrick Deering

U18 Girls Sonics
Coach Lisa Nicholas

U18 Girls Twisters
Coach Jane Wilson

U18 Boys Thunder
Coach Phil Bova, Colin Allen and Josh Fye

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Teamsnap Website

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Need community service hours to graduate? Willing to help out the club with necessary maintenance? We need people to volunteer to help line and maintain the soccer fields. If interested, please contact Jenn for more info at jennbsoccer76@yahoo.com

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